I Wish

Poem By David Wilson

I wish I could wrap her up, and put her away
Lay her softly on a golden tray
And let her sit until another day
I wish I could wrap her up, and put her away
Put her in the closet, or under the bed
Until the dust has settled, and the 'kings' are dead
I wish i could wrap her up and put her away
In the basement where no one ever looks
So she'll collect dust, like vintage books
And I wish that just like those old books

I'll come across her later
And cry out in surprise
I wish i could start over, and read again
So i could see the words with open Eyes
I wish i could go back, and realize
That she's so different, so fragile
I wish that i had known sooner
That behind the cold stare
A heart beats and chokes there
That Behind the Cold Stare
An Incredible mind, rests there
I wish i could wrap her up, and put her away
in the dark until, the dawn of a good day
Where I can bring her out, and she can smile
I wish she could have all her wishes
If only, for just a little while

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