SL (October 23,1993 / Raliegh, North Carolina)

I Wish

I wish I were happy
Then, when I am, I'm sad!

I wish I were different
Then, when I am, I’m boring!

I wish time was faster
Then when it is, it's too boring!

I wish I had more money
Then when I do, it's gone!

I wish I had more time to read
Then, when I do, what else is there to do?

I wish there was no school!
Then, when there is none, life is over!

I wish that I would miss you
Then, when I do, my heart is broken

I wish nothing ever changed!
Then, when nothing does, where am I going?

I wish that I looked better!
Then, when I do, who will know me?

I wish you were here
Now that you are, I'm not happy!

I wish I were happy...

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Comments (2)

i wish wishes came true...
i wish you... what you wish 4 yourself. take care.