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I Wish
TC ( / Mississippi)

I Wish

I wish for tomorrow to never come; so I can live in this day with you.

I wish for God to grant me but one request; that I may have the wisdom to understand you better.

I wish that I had a Penney for your thoughts

I wish the love I have for you were food; I could end hunger in the universe.

I wish that in the time it takes a star to shine I would have said I love you on each minute.

I wish I could hold your hand and make love to you on a mountain under a star lit sky.

I wish for time to stop; so, I may never lose the smell of you as you pass me by.

I wish I could put you on a pedestal away from hungry men and curious women.

I wish that we could ride the moon as it circles the earth proving I would sacrifice the world for your love.

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