KH ( / Los Angeles, California)

I Wish

How comfortable are you in your home?
Only you know what it feels like not to be alone,or
Making the best one can, not being on the streets
Ever loving the comfort, of life being sweet.
Loved ones are there to keep you content
Echoes of laughter, helps you to vent.
Surely the ones with no where to sleep
Save their laughter to rejoice with food to eat. Plenty of problems they have in their lives
Efforts to keep going when it seems they can't survive.
Only the bare necessities are sometimes in reach
Places of employment should they seek?
Leadership skills of those in control, are needed to
Educate the homeless, young and old. People become homeless every day and every hour
Most of them because of thing beyond their power.
Sometimes by fires, floods or winds
Sometimes we don't know how, nor do we know when.
I just wish I could do something within my might
To make a unique and positive difference in the homeless' plight.

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