I Wish

This is a really old poem of mine...

I wish he was here
He chases away my every fear

He always said he loved me
But to him it isn't meant to be

I wish he could see just how much I wish he was here
To wipe away my first, last, and every tear

It hurts when he tells me he loves me when he don't love me like I love him, It hurts real bad
All I do then is cry, wonder why it has to be me that is so stupid, and be sad

I look at his picture and all of a sudden I feel good again
But, if only he could be more than a friend

I think about him and all of a sudden I smile, which is not like me
I love my baby and I guess he will never see

I wish he could hold me to keep me warm when I am cold.
I wish he could be here to love me because my love for him will never grow old.

by That Person

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