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~~i Wish I Had ~~
MI Meena Iyer ( / )

~~i Wish I Had ~~

How I wish to capture,
The swish of the curl,
of that impertinent smile
And the twinkle of that eye
Filled with mischief...

I wish I had,
When you were near, yet here

How I wish I could,
hold your warmth within me
Melt in your wordless sea,
And may be,
Breathe in your scent,
And never let go,

I wish I had,
When you were near, yet here

I would be satisfied,
If I could live with the chimera
I would find light,
In the darkest of the umbra
And yet, this is denied to me
For you have left,
Out of the realms of my five senses

And yet you remain,
In my heart, forever lodged
Your touch inscribed, on my body
And your picture, in my eyes!
And your voice...
a music that echoes through my consciousness
And you color my dreams,
As you once colored,
my every waking moment

And I am drenched to my very core,
In the very essence of you

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