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I Wish I Had A Mother

I wish I had a mother
To enjoy life together
to look out for my best interest
To help me celebrate my success
To tell me I am the best!
I wish I had a mother

Who isn't here and there
But who is always there,
When I need her near
to wipe my eyes, when I shed a tear!
When I have a fever
I wish a had a mother
Who would be with me forever!

This is so hard to bear
I wish I had a mother
With a shoulder
With a warm heart that really care!
In all the things that a mother should do
For all that I've been through,
I've never had a mother's love
That others speak of
I've never had a mother's kiss and hug
To make me feel forever loved!

O wait, mother!
Did I remember to thank you?
For all you put me through
for all of the times
You were not by my side
To help me see the sunshine?
And that even though
Many things happened long time ago,
It is so difficult to let go
Of my pain and my sorrow!
But I have a heart to follow
I hope one day I'll be able
To let God and let go!

I wish I had a mother
Who I could call mother
And treasure her forever!
Whenever there is trouble
I would like to have a mother
who can turn to me, to help with my struggle!

I wish I could find on earth
The mother who gave me birth
To help me hold on tight,
To tell me I am too bright
To give up the fight!
I wish I had a mother
Who knows what I'm really worth
While my life style is tough!
Oh no, I have enough!

I wish a had a mother
Who is there when things go wrong
to give me a hug to help me carry on
To tell me to stay strong
I pray every day
For you to find a way
To come my way
To kiss my pain away!
But how much do I pay?
To finally hear you say
You love me so much?
Am I asking for too much?

Not one day
Goes by
When others pass by
That I don't wish I had a mother
Who can love me in a special way!
Mother, if you may
When my sky is grey
Can you find a way
To give me your blessings throughout the day
To keep the evil away?
Can you find a way?
To give me the reason to stay
Instead of chasing me away?
I have a lot to wish
For now, that's all I wish

I wish I had a mother!

April 30,2015

by Rosie Bourget

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it's great and beautiful poem on the motherly love and MOTHER ode on mother/// love it
Thank you Marie and keep up the good work.
Many mothers don't understand they are the most important figure in their children's lives. They think just giving birth to a child makes them a mother. Thank you Rose for you comment.
A very touching and poignant write. Mother, with respect to a child is the most important figure in his/ her life alongside with the.father. To be deprived of the love and care of a mother is beyond comprehension. My heart goes for you and I.hope God will fill all your longings. Beautifully written.
This poem is exactly me'...all these are my words that i say everyday.
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