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I Wish I Had True Friends
ET (March 24,1993 / )

I Wish I Had True Friends

Poem By Elphaba Thropp

I wish I had true friends.
Friends who I could tell my problems to.
My secrets.
Friends who listen no matter how stupid it is you have to say.
I don't have true friends.
Friends yes.
People who I sometimes laugh with.
Sometimes talk with,
But I want more.
I want a friendship like in the movies.
Close friends that will take time out to talk.
Just talk.
Mine don't.
They have other friends.
Closer frineds.
I wish I could be one of their 'closer friends'
Maybe someday,
Like collage,
I'll make real friends.
Friends who share my interests.
Friends who help me with my problems.
Keep my secrets.
Friends who will listen to me to matter what.
Maybe someday.

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Comments (4)

Believe me Trina, you will have many friends in the near future, friends who will surprise you when they talk about things you thought, only you thought about. You are not so different, or if you are, perhaps it's because you are special I'm glad you liked my poem Dave
I hope I can be of help. Amanda
I am sure that you will soon find real friends. Don't despair just hang on.
Trina, I am sorry that you have so few friends. However, please do not feel like you are the only one. I myself felt this way when I was your age and even older. I eventually realized that there is a time when friends seem so important, but that time doesn't last. I have decided to put my trust, my faith, and my friendship in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is to him that I share my worries and thoughts. I also know that I will oneday reside with the greatest friend of all: Jesus. I pray that you will find the True Friend that will always be there. Ivy Schexnayder