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I Wish I Knew A Way Not To Be Sad
SF (June 17 1942 / Troy New York)

I Wish I Knew A Way Not To Be Sad

Not to think about the sick friends
Not to think about those my age
Already gone
I wish I knew a way not to be sad
A way not to think about my own decline
And the fading of so much and many I have known

But I know no way
I know no escape
Reality is here
And pounds on my head like a hammer
Every minute of the day

There is no escape
Too much is wrong and too much has been lost
Sadness is my fate now to the end
And this too I will have to live with

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We cannot change anything from the past. Having to accept and move on. I too, like many am in deep sadness yet there is so much good out there for us all to shine. We just have to let the rays in.
Sadder than a Weeping Willow Are man's days on Earth. You can count on all 10 fingers, Days that truly were of mirth.. I understand but some have it much worse than others and those that can write and exteriorize their feelings at lest have that consolation. But poets are a suffering bunch and even it there were nothing to be sad about a Poet would invent sadness.