I Wish I'M Older...I Wish I'M Younger

Sitting on my lonely bed
Brooding upon a relationship that went bad
Sore in the heart for the reason was unimaginably bad
Wondering why here, everything appears bad

Who are those deciding my fate?
I believe love should protect the interest of mates
Why then do the society decide our fate?
Why not give our faith the mantle over our fate

Though today the world is wide awake
Yet our world decided our ways
About love, Africa stands a mile away
With the basics they chase love away

I wish we can put all behind
Yet from the tide of social-norms we hide
She wants me to be brave and face the beehive
But can I tamper with the love of those whom I care

Its time to decide if to stand for what I belief
But I lack the courage to spell my belief
And I'm left with nothing but wishes to hold on to
Yet wishes and reality are two worlds wide apart

I say to myself as time rolls by
I wish I am older
Yet I hear the resounding echo of her voice
I wish I am Younger.

by Zion Odeyemi

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Great write! Wislhes are unrea until it is translated to reality. Africa will remain unreal if our wishes are untapped