I Wish I Were A Broom

I Wish I Were A Broom
I wish I were a broom
I'd sweep the world clean
No hate, malice, or injustice
No reason to be mean

No evil, envy, or despise
No scandal, gossip, spite
No wickedness or bitterness
All wrongs would be all right

No controversy, or apathy
No abuse, scorn, or sneer
No ridicule, denial
No reason to have fear

No stupidity, malignancy
No oppression, rape, immure
No desolation, or disease
There would always be a cure

No vandalism, wreckage
No fights, wars, or contraband
No sorrows, or sabotage
All would lend a hand

No jealousy, suspicions
No obsessions, Hell, or pain
No obstacles, or addictions
Only the Holy One would remain

In this world of problems
I'd be swept away too
Then who would be left to sweep?

by JoJo Bean

Comments (4)

Well said, now if we all could have the wonderful attitude that you have expressed...peace would be possible.
Very difficult to pick up from where you left it Jo Jo, so well said I really enjoyed this one TEN without fail Love duncan X
JoJo, a lovely piece to build a dream upon. A dream of the world at peace with one another. A lovely message that if it was read by enough might start getting the message through. Top Marks from me. Thanks for sharing it my friend. David
.....and then the world would be 'at Peace'. This is so beautifully put. marci. :)