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I Wish I Were The Tin Man
ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

I Wish I Were The Tin Man

I wish I were the tin man.
And then I wouldn't have to have a heart.
My soul would not feel.
I'd give anything to be a tin man.
The hurt is to much.
Depression is at my door.
I feel so low.
The pain's so great it don't let me sleep.
All I can do is weep.

I wish I were a tin man.
You could hurt me all you like.
I wouldn't no.
Because I wouldn't have a heart.
And I would't have a soul.

I wish i were the tin man
The emptyness inside would suit me fine.
I lay down to sleep at night.
But the pains so deep.

How I would give any thing just to be the tin man.

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