I Wish I Wern'T Here

I wish I wern't here
There would be nothing I fear
I wish I could die
I can't so I just cry
Everythings got so bad
It all seems so sad
How a young girls life
Got ruined by a single knife
One moment alive, next dead
With a single black tear shed
She feared what her parents would say
If they knew she was this way
So she suffered in secrecy
So that noone could see
The pain and depression, the scars so deep
Alone in her room there she did weep
There and then she took her life
Her blood upon the blade of that knife

by megan watts

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yea! i'm one of those girls! i cry in the dark, i cut myself and no one knows..i hide everything..and i fear what my parents will say nice poem siscribed my life well iyan xxxxx