Before now I had never really thought about my weight,
but now the scale is my worst enemy.
Food is a thing I have begun to hate;
I can't ever be thin enough.
It started out as an innocent diet,
and working out every day.
But I began skipping meals and didn't let,
myself eat even when I as hungry.
Weighing myself night and day,
forcing myself to exercise instead of eat.
And no matter what other people say,
I can never be thin enough.
Always self-conscious about my body,
I slowly started down the road of anorexia.
Always lying and saying I'm not hungry,
while secretly I'm starving myself.
My stomach always grumbling and aching,
Feeling dizzy almost every day.
Feeling weak but still having energy,
I lie and say I'm fine.

By: Samantha White

by Samantha White

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yea! i'm one of those girls! i cry in the dark, i cut myself and no one knows..i hide everything..and i fear what my parents will say nice poem siscribed my life well iyan xxxxx