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I Wish It Would Rain (Part 2)
MB (3-24-1982 / St. Paul)

I Wish It Would Rain (Part 2)

Poem By Mark Bauch

I wish it would rain, so I can hear it’s beat
dripping drops on the street, letting the drops hit my cheek
As the water drips off my chin, I get ready for it again
I never slow down, I never try to sin
I ease my soul to Christ, an inner feeling excite
Cause when I grab my pen, it’s a sensational force
Like when lightning strikes, and than rolls the thunder
There’s no cover, no where to go under
So I stand tall with pride, ready to dignify
I raise my hands to the sky, Letting the rain fall down
DRIP, DRIP, DROP, what a wonderful sound
My clothes get wet, so I gain a few pounds
I got my ups and downs, as the rain covers my town
I walk around, feeling no pain and glad,
that I wished for rain.

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