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I Wish To Find My True Love

Where are you my Romeo, i need your eternal love, please come fix this broken heart, shine your light upon me, i shed these tears for you, i don't care how far away you are, just tell me that you love me, oh baby come comfort me, i need to feel your lips on mine, to hear your heart beat race everytime i lay my head on your chest, please tell me you exsist my Romeo, please tell me my dreams will not always be a childess imagination, oh my Romeo give me a sign that you know i exsist, your Julietta, waits here for you, i need to feel your skin touch mine, baby im trying my hardest to look for you, what if you've been here the whole time, i've been so darn blind, all i want is you, please let me know you exsist somewhere here, in this big world, ill be waiting for you till death does me part, here i type of you, listening to songs that make me wanna find you, where are you my true love?

by Julietta Isla

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