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I Wish To Love You More (Sestina)

Complete describes you well but not enough
So too enough does not tell what’s in store –
Although astute, the tongue knows not the words
That brings to life the need within my heart
For you, yet every inch of me knows love
As cause to why I cannot -ever part.

Sweetheart, let me inform of every part:
Of bodily share, the lord gifts you enough
To please- to overwhelm, the one you love,
And daily you divulge that total store:
The hugs and kisses birth within your heart,
To tell of their pleasure I have no words.

Could David in his songs contain the words
That might describe the luscious flowing parts
Of hair that leave your head by way of heart
And hangs as vines to hold just long enough
To tease one to explore what lays in store
Behind their shade… and Eden land, my love,

If found would be ignored to claim your love.
John Keats, Ron Peats, Wordsworth and Shakey’s words:
Unseen gems-gold from all the planets store,
Palaces: Solomon’s temple found in part,
Or whole, with wealth for many lives – enough,
Would be refused, for place within your heart.

I find my fortune deep within your heart,
Where waters don’t rust but grow candid love,
And I who seek does find more than enough
Of joy and peace within your humble words
That they do serve as the influential part-
The bang-creating all the care in store.

So babe, do walk with me toward the store,
Where lovers go to show zeal in their heart
That banded we too might become one part
That grows and fruits much greater in our love;
Therein we end this dilly-dally of words.
Of love-of yours, I’d never have enough.

The secret store which tells in full my love
And why the heart always falls short of words
Is MORE! In part, I don’t love-love enough.

Copyright © 2010 Leslie Alexis

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Langston Hughes


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