(01/19/1990 / Houston, TX)

I Wish Upon Insanity

((Warning: this poem is exceding twisted and disturbed))
I stand here and wonder why do I want to be alone but yet I can't stop trying to be normal?
Why is it that all I want is peace but yet I never take death's hand?
We are all monsters trying to hide it with our so called 'Humanity'
But I have no longer have any humanity to speak of
I wish to be free of these chains that bind me
And to use them to strangle those that dared to try and confine me
I dream of killing those I despise
I fantasize of taking by force those who rejected me
I long to feast upon the fear and pain of those that stood against me
I hear my brothers whisper to me and silently I agree
I watch my other self come to life and slaughter while I sit back and enjoy the show
I wish I were more like him
I wish I could kill the being everyone knew
And become the person I always wanted to be
The monster I was intended to be
To become the man I truly am I must die
To find my peace I must die

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thanx u warned before :) ................ it punches the gut well