I Wish You Felt My Love...

I wish you would know how i feel about you,
i wish you could see and feel my love i have for you.

i wish i didn't have to tell ot to you because its not the same,
i wish you understand the love i have for you without me telling it to you.

The words can't say it the way i wanted to tell,
the words can't show how i feel you in my heart.

I wish i didn't have to say it in words,
its just more difficult to do so.

i just can't find those right words
that will describe the love i have for you.

Those words do not exist
and i wish they never will.

I wish you felt my love to you
without me telling you in words.

by Allenika ...

Comments (5)

nice poem .
this is a really nice poem i like it a lot i have the same feelings for someone right now but i dont think he realizes that i like him that much thanks for the comment on All Alone
i felt the same way towords my ex-boyfriend he just didnt understand my love for him
I use to feel this way about some guy..but.. hes long gone..but very nice poem <3 tiara
You just told them and you used words.Sometimes it is easier to write the words that to speak. Patricia Gale