`i Wished..

11: 11...
7 months ago.. I wished she'd be mines.. for 3 years straight..
I finally got my wish..
but 7 months later..
Someone had to show me..
Their conversations..
Their late night talks..
The winks and smiles..
the flirting and potential love.

My jaw at a new low.
I'm lost for words..
Upset and unhappy.
Unable to confront her..
I deny it in my heart.. Pretend the words arent there..
I love this girl.. more than I've loved anyone in the world..
a promise broken.. and I'm left with a breaking heart..
while she is out.. flirtin the night away.. into his arms she'll stay....

tonight..11: 11..
I wished her happiness..

by Dislocated Heart

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Maybe tonight at 11: 11 someone else will relocate your heart on the place it should be... Maybe at 11: 11 will remind u the past but u need someone for everlast to trust not rush. who knows in the future there is a night at 10: 10 who will reopen your eyes and start something more than 7years just wish for more..till end of your life..u wished and came true and try to wish new and it will be true..just need properly wish so nice and true :) :) _Unwritten Soul