HP (08-07-1975 / Kansas)

I Witnessed Her At Her Weakest

I witnessed her without her armor
I witnessed her as she was before the day was started
I witnessed her curls of hair before she straightened them
I watched her cry as others spoke out against her
I watched her sleep unsoundly as she tossed and turned
I watched her terror as she cried out 'no! ' in the middle of the night
I smelled her sweat and breath before she brushed it away
I smelled her fear of what yet she did not know
I smelled the perfume she wore to mask the last day
I saw her languish in her own guilt
I saw her pain as she tried to explain it away
I saw her smile hiding things that I wasn't meant to see
I heard her voice whimper as she tried to act strong
I heard her footsteps timid as she would approach
I heard her heart skip a beat as she tried to understand why
I felt her unsure touch upon my skin
I felt her calloused feet reaching for warmth against my own
I felt her need for approval from those around
I sensed her need to be perfect in the eyes of others
I sensed her goal for approval in her actions
I sensed her desire to feel wanted in peoples arms
I understood when she looked in the mirror at blemishes
I understood when she was wistful about her looks
I understood when she had the need to be wanted by more than me
I was witness to every flaw
I was witness to every imperfection
Yet, I never witnessed one.

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Robert Frost

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

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