I Won'T Delete These Numbers.

This is the hour of expectation, my pals
This is the hour of waiting.
The night is cold and the air is still
And I'm waiting for your calls, my pals

My cell phone lies on the table
Like a corpse, it is laid to rest.
I'm pricked by this loneliness
Dumb and mute moments are passing by

Memories stand tingle with vitality, my pals
Your calls stood thrill with warmth
Our days breathed an animation, a fire
Now you've made me droop like a flower in the rain.

The distance was only a fingertip away
Now it seems unconquerable, I'm tired!
I try to get at you pals, I'm defeated!
My phone keeps weeping, weeping and weeping.

At which corner of this universe are you?
Are all playing hide and seek, my pals?
I'm left alone in this journey of ours
Don't you know pals! I'm helpless!

I received those usual calls from you, pals
Now i expect them again! Though unusual they will be
Though my sight fails to fall on you
The last sight of you are still brooding
Brooding over my eyelids, in my sorrow's drops.
The last call you made is still lurking
Lurking along the corridors of my ears.

Though absent minded is my mind
You won't be slipped out, make sure of it
So soothing were your calls, my age-mates
So scaring is your absence, my dear pals.

I won't delete these numbers, my pals
They are buried in my cellphone.
Don't say they are saved in my heart
I wont't repeat a cliche like that.

We together started journey on a mission, my pals
But, now I'm at this junction of decision
Left alone! Won't you come back pals?
Should I wait here? The path before me
Is so horrifying, deserted and more silent than silence.


Comments (3)

Beautiful. Loneliness so hard, so sad U have an auntie who tends to be really lonely. When I call her or pay her a visit, I know it makes a huge difference. But so often in my own busy life, I forget to call. I often wonder why she never calls herself to me. I would be delighted to talk to her or in case i am no free, call her back at my earliest convenience.
The lament of a lonely soul longing for company and waiting eagerly to hear from his dear pals! It is when we travel through the labyrinthine paths of life solitary that we long for the presence of dear and near ones.... Of all perhaps friends matter more! A simple phone call can revive our spirits! A heart warming write!
In this world of mobile communication an interesting poem here and likes it.The Expectation of the return of the beloved beautifully created in poetic lines.