MS (25-11-1960 / Pakistan)

I Won’t Dissuade

O! The wise heads of humanity,
Though I know you will not obey,
For resolute you are in your pursuits,
And you will turn deaf ear to my cries,
Yet I shall perform the assigned task,
Like a shepherd standing on the rock,
Does shout to aware the heedless flock,
Of the encroaching dangers, hidden perils,
And calls at the top of the voice to attract,
The heed that erratic are the heading steps,
They might take, lead to the brim vertical,
Of dungeon dark, the point of no return.

O! The wise heads of humanity,
Though you obey or not, yet I shall utter
The notes, give forth the voice of conscience,
I won’t dissuade you, do whatever you wish,
But blood, honour and life on the paths,
You trample, torment my mind, my soul,
And I like a helpless shepherd stand aside,
Whose flock is taken by the fierce wolves.

by Muhammad Shanazar

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