BJH (05/29/65 / Missouri)

I Won’t Give Up…

Was it just yesterday when we all felt at peace
with unremitting joy, as you slipped off to sleep?
Or was it years ago, before you learned to speak
when silence hid your pain beneath a veil of grief?

Did we all miss the signs which passed before our eyes
and misinterpret fear… as love… was it all lies?
How can I reach you now, as buried in your cave
your superficial mask disguises all your rage?

I wish you could feel joy, or sorrow, sadness, shame…
instead, you’re limited, just capable of blame.
And finding me at fault, my guilt a certainty
you’ve locked your heart away and thrown away the key.

So nightly as I bow beneath the weighted toil
exhausted from our trials, when my emotions roil
and though you cry no tears, immune from love’s disease
I’ll cry enough for both of us, and pray you’re given ease

to learn to love

by Betty Jo Hilger

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