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I Won'T Need Air

In the middle of a disaster, I created
For myself, and myself only.
You come and you come to save me.
And though it’s been a while
You won’t leave until I smile
And though, my insides have been frozen,
I melt.
Let’s take turns stealing away each other’s breath in the moonlight
And it’s okay if you never give me mine back.
Because, you’ll be near
And I won’t need air.
It’s silly
But I really don’t mind if you let your fingers intertwine with mine
Because when your do
The clamor of my life,
Hushes down and until all I can hear
Is the whispering of our fingers
Sharing pulse secrets
And I only, hope you can hear it too
Hammer away the shield I built
Around this ole, messed up heart of mine
And take it.
Take it far away,
Cause you make it shine.
It’s so cliché
But you’re everything in me.

Everything, I’ll ever be.
and, I know it’s overused
but you’re my forever.
And you’re my always.

&, I really don’t mind when you make everyone disappear
In that way that you do.
Cause, I don’t need anyone.
Anyone at all. Only you.
And your intoxicating presence.
And your scar stories
And, your shoulders to cry on

Give a fix in your heroin eyes.
And let me get addicted.
I’ll be a user for life.

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