GH (5/15/90 / savannah, ga)

I Won'T, Not Any More

I absolutely will not say sorry any more
No i won't
I will move on with my life
Beyond my mistakes
No longer will they be held over me
I have let them go
I am free

No, i won't any more
Will not let you control me
Hold my guilt up over me
I will speak, for me
And hold on to what means the most to me
You will not take it from me
You do not have me

I won't, not any more
Hide the real me
Pretend i'm something you want me to be
Let go of my morality
Turn to the otherside so i do not see
Let you take my love from me
Nor hold my heart captivity

*The 'you' in this refers to Lady Fate herself

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