I Won'T Write For You!

Poem By Nikunj xyz

I won’t write for you! !

I’ll write for the birds and I’ll write for the trees,
I’ll write for the winds and I’ll write for the seas,
I’ll write for the stars and I’ll write for the sun,
And I’ll even write, for special someone,
But I won’t write for you,
And I won’t cry for you,

And when I go down the memory lane,
I won’t think of you, and do all crazy stuff again,
For loving you, gave me nothing,
But night of tears and heart of pain,

And so now, I won’t lift my pen,
To write for you again,
For I got no tears to shed,
And heart to cry again! !
- Nikunj

Comments about I Won'T Write For You!

Keep writing... May not be for her... but for others... :)
Write with your heart, let it show you the truth...10
Don't put your pen down.....go on.............. write for us.....we adore it....too!
This is poignant, yet beautiful. WELL done here!

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