'Speck Of My Dream'

days like rain
pattering footsteps walking upon the windowpane
wondering if i were sane
as i taste the lonely rains remains
at least it takes out the pain

snugging in my warm blanket
as the days darkens even more
these days of sorrow falls away
and hatches to the sweet dreams without screws or tears

a happy dream
a golden one plucked from the godly palace
by the eclipse shining near a silhouette
these shining tears brings yet of warmth in here

from a scar to a tear to a smile
loving each second of this
as a brief moment is still only seen
just over the shoulder pecked on the cheek

this is some kind of encryption that i gotta solve
a puzzle from a missed one
these days my heart aches for a kiss
that but only a dream

sometimes seems like a song
cut and pasted from a random album
but these are my own my saying my love
these tears upon the rain is still in my heart
warming me in my dreams my thoughts my soul
as i wish to be with you once again

by Kevin Wang

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in the end, it's the best any of us can hope for. great work!