MCP ( / Portugal)

I Wonder...

They say that my lines
convey serenity, peace, harmony.
But I wonder: does it inhabit in those thoughts
some fantasy? A little of bravery?
How can we balance
the ongoing inner noise
where joy and sorrow are pervasive?
Will it be the divine companionship?
Will it be for love?
We believe that, from that noise
to the forthcoming silence,
we keep walking our way,
illuminated here and away,
with some shadows, though,
and the permanent protection of The Lord!

(May 2010)

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Comments (2)

Maria - a good topic you raised. I believe that since we have to live with both joy & pain, forcibly we agree & draw a balance of agreement.. Truly joy can not remove the pain & the the pains you had reduces the joy. But still we leave that's the wonder...... good topic with thoughtful lines.
yes...that belief...that makes us walk along...through all this illumination and shadows good poem Maria...sensible thoughts...well composed...10