I Wonder

Poem By Mayra Casillas

I thought I knew what love was,
But I was wrong
I thought I knew who you were,
But I was wrong
I thought me and you were gonna last forever,
And once again, I was so wrong!
I was wrong to believe everything you told me
Wrong to believe that you loved me and would NEVER hurt me,
I was wrong giving you my heart and falling deep in love with you
Maybe you didn't love me... Maybe you did
Maybe all those hugs and kisses didn't mean anything to you, maybe they did
So many questions that will remain unanswered,
But one thing is for sure...
I'm glad you were in my life
Glad we happened
And now i just gotta let go of the past
So i sit here wondering...
Who or what is going to be my future? ?

Comments about I Wonder

love is fickle and fleeting, it may vanish with the first wind. never trust it, never depend on it. when its gone, only empty sadness remains

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