I Wonder.........

I wrote this as a rebuff to the Governments, ' all is well '

I at times repeat myself
But it is only wrong that I have perceived.

Government statistics mean nothing to me
When I see the almost continual
Hatred for people of colour, violence and
The subtle yet persistant
Lies and blocked ears
Of the Government I despair.

Then, why do people ignore persistant wrong?
As I have aged
I I find people indifferent to the homeless
The street people and the climbing violence

The military downright scare me with their tactics
They stay when called and the murderous madness begins.

Even flying usually an excitement
Has become a chore
Bodily searches and the officer putting on their ' iron man 'look
As he scans your name and flicks your passport back
No joking here!

I wonder where we are going
But always remember
Friends are all.

by willow moon pearce

Comments (2)

I understand what you are saying Willow. No, ! I feel what you are saying
Yes this is true but the most important things are still with us and should not be ignored.Love Duncan