(1989 / Tehran-Iran)

I Wonder..!

And I wonder..
The butterfly wants to fly but there's a thunder.. And again I wonder..

It can wait! .. and no wind can stop me!
No! its not late.. and no rain can stop me!

And even though my wings are beautiful, it can dry!
and even though I have never tried, I can fly..! !

And tell me? ! .. who's gonna stop me but me? !
And tell me? ! .. how am I gonna fall when my eyes can see? ! ..
I'm Free..!

And I Wonder! And I Wonder too loud..
And I Thunder! And I Thunder So loud..

Too many lines in a big crowd..
never forget That I'm the one going to be proud!

I pause... The silence can tear me apart! ..
I search in my heart...

And thats the cause.. you don't know where to fly
And dear Butterfly! thats your art!

knowing your line.. knowing where you're gonna fly
thats your art! take your part!
make your start.. feel your heart..And I Start...

No other butter fly can change my way
No other bee can make my ears gray
and no black eyes can make my color fade away!

not letting the silence win..
Its war.. its wind!
You wonder your way..
Its hard, Its Thin!

And I wonder.. And I Wonder how? !
- I wonder when? !
- I wonder what? !

I wonder.. WILL! Its will!
And then I fly with my wings.. Yes! ! even Thunders can sing! !

(Soha Bayat Kheradmand)

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great, not for you for this poem