I Wonder

I wonder if, when Jesus was a little boy
He had a mommy just like mine.
If she made Him comb His hair down flat-
And scrub His neck to make it shine.
I wonder if He had to do the dishes,
And carry wood, and milk a cow.
I wonder if, when He made a boat,
His daddy showed Him how.
'Wonder if He grew weary at school sometimes
And sat and dreamed-too tired to study.
I wonder if He had a Puppy dog-
Or a very special buddy.
'Wonder if, when things went wrong
He'd cry sometimes, like me.
Away down deep inside of course,
Where no one else would see.
I know He must have been a boy
With joys and sorrows such as we.
For how else could Jesus understand-
And love so much-a child like me.

by Gloria H. Koplin

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