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I Wonder Do Those Of Royal Blood

I wonder do those of royal blood whilst having a shower sing
Or to them is to be human not quite a Natural thing
They are so bound to protocol perhaps they feel 'tis wrong
To even in the privacy of their bathroom burst forth into song.

For all of those who are bound by protocol I have only sympathy
Of the restrictions imposed on them by Big Brother they never can live free
The whole World knows about them they have no privacy
Their lives seem quite restricted or so 'twould seem to me.

I wonder about those of royal blood does their blood flow red like ours
And do they not feel happy and whistle whilst having their warm baths and showers
Or are they that bound by protocol that even in their castle out of the public sight
That they feel obliged to remain serious and always so polite?

I wonder do those of royal blood even know what real life truly mean
Of the privileges that they enjoy many would not even dare to dream
And since they are sheltered from the reality of the bigger World out there
Of the poverty of the millions would they for a moment care?

by Francis Duggan

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