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I Wonder If You Love Me
MN (11-08-1970 / )

I Wonder If You Love Me

Poem By Mary Nagy

Why is it that you stay here?
Do you wish that you were free?
I wonder...
if I offered you your freedom
would you walk away from me?

Do you stay because you want to
or do you feel you should?
I wonder...
if we didn't have the kids
would we get along so good?

How can I know you love me
when I can't see how you feel?
I wonder...
if I could read your mind
would you try to cut some deals?

I hope this is forever.
I've bet on it with my life.
I wonder...
if you could choose again
would I still be your wife?

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Comments (5)

Wow, Mary, you ask some tough questions. But, questions that we all think about. Very relateable... great write! Brian
Mary-How well you describe the pain and uncertainty of someone in a less than perfect marriage. This poem is profound and so very well written. You are a talented writer and I enjoy your work very much.
Mary...sometimes you really aim for the pain and ring the bell loudly. My heart was reading this poem. Another poem might try to work through some of the details that would lead on to this question. This poem gets a 10+ and a blue ribbon for the most guts of the week. John
Well, thanks Ernestine. He says so... perhaps one day I'll believe it..........just a case of the ol' blues today...but sometimes I really do wonder why he would love me.
I'm sure you would be Mary, Todd looks such a lovely fellow, I can tell by the look in his eyes! Really sweet poem. Sincerely Ernestine