I Wonder The Dream

I wonder,
Can you feel a dream die?
Do the stars shine less brightly
For it's passing?
Does the world turn slower?
Do the cities cease
Their incessant rush?

I wonder
Can you see a dream die?
Does it have a color,
Like a dying rainbow
Or a washed out seashell
Tossed aimlessly upon
A pale, polluted beach?

I wonder
Can a dream really die?
Without tears,
Without pain,
Without the loss
Of the dreamer?

I wonder,
If dreams can't die,
Then do they exist at all?
And if they do,
Then why can't I release mine,
And have them
Release my soul?

by Sandra Osborne

Comments (2)

Been thinking about that Rich. Not sure, but I'm leaning there. Thanks so much for reading my work, your the best.
Well thought out and constructed. I especially enjoyed the first two stanzas. I wonder though, if the poem might gaim a little more impact if you tighten up the last two verses into one...just a thought