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I Wonder What Lies Around The Bend
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I Wonder What Lies Around The Bend

Brand new Sun shining through the horizon
Here comes a new day, with it's glory, golden dawn
Every thing God created, is a pair, believe and have Faith
Good, evil, light and darkness so is life and death
Life comes with death the moment we are born
Dusk leaves but brings a new dawn
There is no beginning, no end
Death brings another journey around the bend
Grandma, Grandpa, Ma and Dad all are lost around the bend
They are the precious ones, all God send
Ma and Dad wherever you are, I want you to know
I'll be forever grateful for loving me and helping me grow
One day my time will come to leave behind
All the unfinished dreams and mankind
Here I sit but walk in my memory lane
Some make me feel good but some give me pain
It comes and goes now and then
When will it all end
I wonder what lies around the bend

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