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I Wonder Where Will I Go

I wonder where will I go when I pass on
Will I grow old before I am gone
Life is a mystery no one can explain
What is the purpose of birth what is the gain
Why is the sky blue, where does it end
Is there another world around the bend
How did the universe begin when did it start
How does a seed come to life with water, air, light and dirt
What is the time, moment, how does it tick
Past, present, future, time is the brick
When we die where do we go, does anyone know
Does life transform after death as we pass on
Do we come back in another body and we are reborn
Life death, death life can the mystery ever be solved
I wonder how when and were they evolved
What is eternity, is it for forever
Do we all go to same hereafter
Wish I knew all the answers before I passed on
I wonder before I go to sleep and after I get up each dawn

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very nice poem, i'm sure everyone shares the same wonders, and questions
This is a wondeful poem. Nobody knows where we go after we die. Keep writting my dear friend. It is a fact of life that you write in your poem.