PP (28 May 1990 / Maphumulo at KZN)

I Wonder Why

I wonder why you are always on my mind
why i dream of you every day
i think of you in the morning

why your love grows daily in my heart
love you more today and wish for more tomorrow
i dream of you as my ideal husband
only my dear love, love

why i see all the perfect out of the imperfect one
i am so much patient on your wrong doings
i am so much tolerating your actions
i m neglecting your neglegence

why i care so much for you
i see you so much handsome
hear your voice and your name resounds on my head every day
i am so crazy about you
i cant love somebody else during your presence in my mind because you are always present in it

why the day, seconds, minutes can not pass without thinking of you
why i cry on my bed at night because of you
why my heart is full of love and also get hurted because of you
i can not stop calling your name and talking about you
why i love you so much and attracted to you
i miss you day and night

i adore you that why all that happen.

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Comments (4)

we cannot escape from love, we were made from love for love to love
you wrote this beautiful piece of poetry from your heart, love flowed through every line, keep on writing.
Someone once told me that we don't choose whom we love but that love chooses us. wonderful poem, keep goin' girl! -nkuli
Poem has a deep crying out in it