CP (4-8-72 / marlboro ma)

I Would

I would like to know myself again.I would like to walk with my
head held hi.
I would like to to see my shadow in the noonday sun
reflecting a confident stride.
I would like to greet the outstretched
hand with a genuine smile.
id like to enjoy knowing the laughter of the
old soul in a small child.
i would like to bask in the glowing light of
your angelic face.
i would like to know Gods grace even amidst my
greatest shame, to know I'm loved when i deserve it the least.
I would like to find solace, reprieve from life's tragedies.i would like
to sleep in security, to truly know peace.
i would like to forgive unconditionally without holding onto resent or animosity.
i would like to strive to be more compassionate even to perceived enimies.
i would like to freely give my heart away again, devoid of fear of heartache or
I would like to trust the dance a new love brings, to experience
faith with a deeper belief.
I would like to know the joy and happiness
of just being me!

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