I Would Change Myself - For Love

I would change myself - for love
But my attitude towards affection, same;
I always run away from love
Tho' it keeps chasing my fame;
Now, entangled in the trap of your beauty.

I would change my musing - of love
That love are to be found, not made;
I may just be captured in thoughts of love
And wonder if I ain't love-maid
To say what I feel about just you.

I would change the taste of me, not love:
To be this or that, I'm not lost in myself;
Find a good hubby in me - thy friend, thereof
And be truthful to you in my imperfect self;
The future is not ours to know but to act.

I would blend the bond of our love
But won't try to change you, unless;
And be calm and gentle as the Pionus-dove
For I have long-searched that of your kind-ness
And alas, I found you - close to my heart.

by Oyehan Opeyemi Akinkunmi

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