I Would Defy

I would defy anyone on this earth ... to prove their very
existence is of superior worth. For those with the absolute
audacity ... to believe as such, are truly blind and cannot see.
It is not the gender or color of skin... not the ties to any
successful kin... not the size of the wallet, the big house on
the street... not the title bestowed, or a paper stating the
degree... that measure the value of humankind... but the rare
and natural treasures that are much harder to find.
Opening our hearts, outstretching our hands... to any
woman, child or man ... walking together across this great
earth... that's how we acquire our true worth.
When we can deny our selfishness each and every day...
and live with and by this knowledge and truth as the only
way,... we then rise far above the rest, ... not compelled to
live life as if it were just another human contest. We must
rid ourselves of the audacity that plagues us,... and accept
each other equally, joining hands in peace and trust.

by JoAnne N.Gurda

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