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I Would Have Lived
SW (Midnight on July 31,1991 / Spring Branch> TEXAS :))

I Would Have Lived

I would have lived,
I would have sung.
May have been your best friend,
but instead you have no-one.
I wasn’t given a chance,
to live life as you do.
I was killed while a helpless,
tiny person in the womb.
God created my life.
What a precious gift!
But you, you destroyed it,
My life wasn’t yours to take.
I could have invented,
Written a best seller,
Discovered a cure,
If not for you, my killer.
So think before,
You steal another life,
Because you are really the ones that suffer,
From taking innocent lives.

for all the abortion victims.

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Comments (6)

WOW! ! ! A sensitive topic indeed...I am glad you had the courage to touch on it. Well, fabulous work in a poets perspective as well as in a Christian's perspective. Continue what you are doing and I assure you, you'll bless many more people. Great Write! ! ! All the best for your future endeavours!
A very tough topic Starr. I imagine this one touched many.....even many that may not have commented. Very powerful words to reach people. Sincerely, Mary
Starr, I like the fact that you can write from a different perspective..it's refreshing and enjoyable. Important message...one that carries a lot of weight. Not always an easy decision for someone to make... Hugs, Dee
A very profound poem, very deeply felt, many make this decision when young and cannot possibly know what it means Love Duncan X
The haunting of decisions made. Well worded to receive the message. Patricia Gale
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