I Would If Only I Could

Poem By Rhiannon Scase

If I could I would hold you forever,
Only to release if the pain of the world goes.
If I could I would entertain you day and night
Even to simply count your growing fingers and toes.
If I could I would teach you more than I know,
To help you achieve all that god intended.
And if I could I would express my love for you;
But no such words have been invented.
For all you need: a shoulder, a smile or love;
I am here. For you, because of you and ALWAYS with you.

Love, Mummy x

Comments about I Would If Only I Could

deeply impressive.. tenderly expressive.. a new MasterPiece has been added to MyPoemList.. if i have a child, i will dedicate such a lovely poem to him / her.. thanks for sharing! !

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