I Would Like......

Poem By Mike Tonkin

I would like to wake
In the morning
And watch you sleeping,
You sleep so,
So quietly.

I would like to walk
Hand in hand
With you
In the shade of trees
It is so cool and peaceful.

I would like to be with you
Beside a meandering river,
And play ducks and drakes
With you
Over the quiet water.

I would like to see your
Face alive with interest
As a young bird,
Learning to fly.
Launches itself from the nest.

I would like to be
In a city early in the morning
With you, and watch
As it awakens.
It is strangely beautiful.

I would like to fold you up
In my arms and talk
To you of this and that
And hear the laughter
In your voice as you answer.

We would make love.
I would bring you
Gently back to earth
With whispers.
You would be so safe.

You see my darling
We have so much to do,
And no time to do it in.
All I can say is
I do love you.

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Forever lovely, this one. Thanks and warm regards.

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