I Would Like To Be The President


I would like to be the president,
To put on the face of condemnation from my people, to make my hair style a source of criticism,
To put on the shirt of a million expectations, and tie a cravat of strangling admiration,
With a vest made of hot coal, to scorch my skin with the voices of the needy.

I would like to be the president,
To put on the hot pants of an angry people, and the cold shorts of the greedy elites,
The two which will produce the warm steam of balancing the equation.
To put the trousers that sag under the weight of misery, and the belt of those that betray me and the state.
A trousers with a golden zip, that will help me teach self control and restraint.

I would like to be the president,
To put on the smelly sock of the dilapidated citizens, smelly that I cannot walk into meeting without cleaning them,
To put on the shoe of the man that limps down the street, so that I can know where it pinches most,
To brush my shoes with infectious optimism, and gloss them up with the urge to give hope to the hopeless.
I would like to be the president,
One that will allow my clothes to tatter and feel the cold, not remove my hot vest or the strangling cravat,
One that will not remove my shoes because they pinch,
One that will have his zip always up, that will bring change to the larger population through himself.

I would like to be the president,
One that will ignore the gushing blood of extortion in my veins, and paint the corridors of power with the powerless,
That they can harness some and make us all equal,
One that will be clever at mathematics, that the simple sum of dividing the national cake will finally have an equal to answer.
An answer that will not bring peace but instead keep it intact.

I would like to be the president,
To allow situations around me to preach to me, and the informal intellects to run the show,
To harness the might of the youth into sources of innovation,
To drink from the cup of the misery of the destitute, that I may be drank with the urge to finding a lasting solution for them.
To turn the cry of the helpless into song, and the senseless skin of the administration into a mindful one.

I would like to be the president,
To change the philosophy of the three some-me myself and I,
To scoop out the jigger of drunken masters of extortion, and flush out the minds of pessimism and negativity,
To burn down all forms of slavery and servitude, and stop them dead in their tracks all that give the equation an imbalance,
To create the great purge of salvation, and make the nation, a sincere excellence in human policy
I would like to be the president.

Comments about I Would Like To Be The President

Moses, may be just may be you are one on the waiting. I like your poem
Great piece of elegance written in poetic diction with conviction. A beautiful piece of poetry depicting the core attributes of a statesman well articulated and nicely penned with insight. A lovely poem indeed. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.
Dear Ted, it would be nice if you can do all goodness as a president one day..but please dear dont dream to be Mr.President..but always dream to make real, to be a person who always bring shine and goodness to others, helper...you dont need to be Mr president to help, we can help whenever we can..and if one day you be Mr president, be the best to all, you supporters and opponents..because you stand there not because to own power but..to give benefits and smiles to everyone..and thats the reason of being president_Soul

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