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I Would Like To Write:
KH (27 July 1957 / Lunger Pur Baly, Jhellum, Pakistan)

I Would Like To Write:

Poem By Khadim Hussain

I would like to write
About the beautiful game of football,
Its legendary exponents,
Trails and tribulations of
Being a Middlesbrough fan.

I would like to write,
Test cricket, summer pursuit of gentleman,
The razzle-dazzle of one day cricket,
And the razzama-tazz of twenty20 cricket,
If you blink, missed quarter of the game.

I would like to write,
About nature, the spring showers,
Warm summer sun with and its chorus of birds,
Autumn’s rusty red and brown leafs,
Winter land covered in virgin snow.

I would like to write,
Animals, the small mouse
Scurrying in dark corners,
Majestic lion strutting across
The African savannah.

I would like to write,
Distant lands
Thousands of miles away,
The Himalayas, the Andes and
Sahara and rainforests.

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