I Would Rather Be Living Than Dead

Yesterday has gone to the forever like the Autumn leaves borne by the flooded stream
And of a happy and lucky tomorrow is all we can wish for to dream
Happy and sad memories we have of what has been to live in us until we die
As Shaw said life is not meant to be easy in that he was not telling a lie
Life for many has it's joys and it's sorrows suppose that's how it is meant to be
And though financially i am a poor bloke there are many far worse off than me
I could have been a victim of war or famine destined for to become a refugee
The people who live in fear of torture who know of extreme poverty
I have no reason to be complaining compared to many i do okay
I have never been stateless or homeless or never gone hungry a day
Yes compared to many i am quite lucky i should not be one to complain
I've never had to sleep or to live rough and i've never known of real hunger pain
Yesterday has gone to the forever and better days may be ahead
And though life may not be meant to be easy i would rather be living than dead.

by Francis Duggan

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