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I Would! Would You?
TE (don't know / Earth)

I Would! Would You?

If I were you, if you were me

Would you carry for that long a pregnancy

Would you give a birth to a little Mimi

Would you cook would you do a laundry

Would you clean and move all the dirty

Would you be heartfelt would you worry

Would you take of all responsibility

Would you be that brave to repeat this all daily?

Would you?

If you were me..

If you were me and if I were you

I would not act like you do

If I were you

I would not drink and act like a child

I would never stay that long late outside

I would never ever slap my husband and my kid

I would never shout at them for the wrongs they did

I would show them the love and correct them instead

If I were you that would all be what I do., and I would!

Repeat it every day and night

May 9/05

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