I Wouldn'T Leave, I'D Only Stay

Poem By Samarah Essler

You've changed me for the good,
I never thought anyone could,
I thank you for so much,
now I long to feel your touch,
your not with me right now,
and still i wonder how,
not being with you,
brings so much pain,
I miss you so much,
I say again,
I can't wait to be back together,
and to live my life with you forever,
you've showed me so much,
you've showed me alot,
now all I can think of,
is one main thought,
and thats how lucky i am,
to have you in my life,
i couldnt ask for more,
you've even helped me with my strife,
you've showed me how a girl is sopose to be treated like,
you've showed me a new way,
you've showed me a true and an amazing love,
I wouldnt leave,
i'd only stay.

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