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I Write

I write because something are just better left unsaid 10/18/07
When things are to mean to say I write them down
Writing is my way to find out truth about what I do and why I do it
It is my therapy, my friend, It’s always there all I need is a pen and paper

My secrets lie there to be read
And if I don’t read them their left unsaid

Writing does not judge
I write when I feel no one understands
I write when no one pays attension
I write because no one talks back
No one tells me I shouldn’t feel that way or that I should

No one has control but me
Sometimes I need the comfort of my bed, a pen and a piece of paper
I write because it helps me through tough times
It understands

It’s an alternative universe
where I am queen
I write to escape when drugs fail
I write when Christine isn’t on the other line

I write because I need to when my worlds crashing down
Your there
you leave only when I don’t want you there
you come back as soon as the pens in my hand

when I hate him your there
when I’m pissed you calm me down
when I need to be me I write

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